WNTRMSE is distinctly creative, designed to pave the directions of visionary drive and reform seasonal trends into a fresh approach of structure, strength, and confidence.

WNTRMSE launched in Australia and the USA in Sep 2018 and is now independently owned and directed by Tahlia Mammone as of July 2019. The brand is designed in Melbourne, and continues to be established in both the AUS and US markets and is growing global awareness daily.

Mammone, originally a small town girl, began her experience within the fashion industry after securing a three year design role at ASILIO The Label, straight from university graduation. Mammone then moved on to design for I AM GIA, an Australia brand that made a massive footprint in the industry when it launched in early 2017. Come early 2018, Mammone took on WNTRMSE. 

Today, WNTRMSE is a creation of Mammone's broad design aesthetic,
that embodies the fundamentals of past experience with a new signature.

DESIGNER // Tahlia Mammone set out to create a label with rapid movement, something that based itself from trends. "Winter Muse embodies a landscape of 'right now' and frequently offers my customers something new but not to the detriment of style or will it be a slave to gimmick trends." "It offers more refined trend based styles that have the potential to become seasonal favourites along with those classic pieces you can't stop wearing - that's our distinctive creative vision. We are dedicated to identifying the ageless spirit of sophistication and will continue to forge an identity as an accessible brand for all women."