The Muse

Winter Muse , a.k.a WNTRMSE , values the uncomplicated, such satisfaction can be found in simplicity and understanding an appetite for effortless outfitting.

We base our collections from an offering of eye catching garments that are relatable and wearable in all aspects of daily life.
Functional, considered designs that infuse traditional methods and new techniques to form timeless, yet directional collections.

We reinvent classics and wardrobe essentials with a constant injection of new shapes.
Winter Muse is a reliable design offering of high fashion sensibility and 'model off duty' street wear style.

Designer Tahlia Mammone set out to create a label with rapid movement, something that based itself from trends. "Winter Muse embodies a landscape of 'right now' and frequently offers my customers something new but not to the detriment of style or will it be a slave to gimmick trends." "It offers more refined trend based styles that have the potential to become seasonal favourites along with those classic pieces you can't stop wearing - that's our distinctive creative vision." 

Winter Muse is dedicated to the ageless spirit of sophistication and will continue to forge an identity as an accessible brand for all women